Workshop 8 – Catching Waves: Build a Crystal Radio Receiver

For reasons beyond our control, this workshop is unfortunately cancelled.

Inspired by the Foxhole radio design used by GIs during WW2, designer Coralie Gourguechon will demonstrate how to build minimal radio receivers from scratch. Functioning without a direct power source, these radio receivers are powered by the nearest radio station. Each participant will build one receiver to take home, and learn about radio circuitry in the process.

In this workshop you will learn:
▸ How to translate existing circuits to a design that fits your project
▸ Coil weaving and the different coil designs
▸ Various energy-free radio circuits: foxhole radio, galena radio, crystal radio
▸ How to build an energy-free radio receiver from scratch

Level :
▸ Beginner

Requirements :
▸ None

Host :
Coralie Gourguechon (FR)

Coralie Gourguechon is a french interdisciplinary designer, working at the boundaries of art, design and technology.
Her personal work is focused on electronic and digital devices, and driven by the need to understand these objects through deconstructing and reconstructing them—both on a physical and conceptual level. Her master thesis “Rebuild the Electronic and Digital Tools”, aimed to shift the way we conceive, produce and understand electronic devices, focusing on new processes and materials such as printable and flexible electronics.
Her background is in product design specialised on electronics, followed by two years of experience working in an interaction design studio. In 2016, her team won the IK Prize Award for Recognition, a project about Artificial Intelligence exhibited at Tate Britain, with a partnership with Microsoft. She likes to find beauty in technical objects.

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The workshop program was produced in collaboration with CreativeApplications.Net