Workshop 6 – Shader Programming Primer: Real-Time Animation and Effects with GLSL

In this introduction to shader programming, visual artist and web developer Leander Herzog will demonstrate basic principles and best practices. Learn how to write GLSL (OpenGL Shading Language) and get started coding shapes, patterns, and dynamic real-time animations.

In this workshop you will learn:
▸ What shaders are and how they work
▸ How to get started programming shaders in GLSL
▸ General awareness of available toolkits
▸ Best practices in applying your new GLSL skills
▸ Paths forward, for self-directed learning beyond the workshop

Level :
▸ Some general programming know-how required
▸ No previous experience with shaders necessary

Requirements :
▸ Laptop (no extra software required)

Host :
Leander Herzog (CH)

Plastic artist and web designer. He has been designing, building and managing websites and interactive objects since 2005. Based in St. Gallen, Switzerland, his work focuses on the combination of the art of creating and formatting web content.

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The workshop program was produced in collaboration with CreativeApplications.Net