Workshop 2 – Rethinking User Interfaces for a Post-Screen Era

Welcome to the Bureau for Anticipated Interfaces, a N O R M A L S x Neeeu initiative where you will invent/investigate/explore human-computer interactions beyond the ‘click, type, tap.’ metaphors. Using code, pen, paper, and tape participants will author a spatial operating system and create new digital rituals.

The workshop can be held in English AND in French!

Hosts: N O R M A L S (FR) & Neeeu (FR/DE)

In this workshop you will learn:
▸ How to apply speculative design to your own design work
▸The state of the art in VR, AR, or any other -R
▸ Knowledge of the available toolkits for spatial interaction (and their strengths and weaknesses)
▸ A method for prototyping future interfaces and practical advice on how to apply it to your own work
▸ How to approach prototyping with narrative and experiential components
▸ How to avoid skeuomorphic bias in the design of spatial interactions

▸ Laptop
▸ Sketching paper in various formats
▸ Tape (lots of it)
▸ Black and red felt markers
▸ A random object

N O R M A L S (FR)

N O R M A L S is a Berlin and Paris-based creative collective situated at the intersection of design and fiction. A mix of the visual, literary, prototypical, and functional, their output creates a rich narrative universe and to some, an anticipated future. The collective has been noted for its work on augmented reality fashion, shown internationally from the NY Fashion Week, to the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, speculative public talks, and an eponymous graphic novel series distributed worldwide.

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Neeeu (FR/DE)

Raphaël de Courville is a designer and co-founder of NEEEU. He loves merging design, art, and technology to create experiences that poke at the boundaries of the human experience.
Inquisitive by nature, Raphaël has worn many hats over the years, which is just as well since his head gets cold without one.
Besides his involvement in NEEEU, Raphaël is active as an educator, media artist, and community organiser. Since 2012 he has been co-organising Creative Code Berlin, a community that promotes collaboration between artists and coders. Previously, he led a prototyping lab at media design studio ART+COM in Berlin, helped organise the Retune creative technology festival in Berlin, and was involved in the artist collective Graffiti Research Lab Germany.
Raphaël holds a two-years technical degree in Graphic Design, Communication, and Advertising, a fourth year Applied Arts degree in Typographic Design, and was a student at ESAD Amiens in the postgraduate course Typography and Language.

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The workshop program was produced in collaboration with CreativeApplications.Net