Workshop 11 – CREAT{L}IVE CODING

Introducing his brand-new open-source p5.js tool for generating audio-reactive visuals, P5LIVE, media artist Ted Davis will instruct participants how to extend the Processing programming language into a performative multi-user live-coding environment. PS: may conclude in a collaborative jam session!

In this workshop you will learn:
▸ Introduction to creative coding visuals (with p5.js)
▸ Basic math useful for animation purposes
▸ Audio-reactive code (using audio to influence visuals)
▸ Generative design
▸ Interactive design
▸ Live-coding techniques
▸ Collaborative-coding techniques

Level :
▸ Beginner (no programming experience required)

Requirements :
▸ Laptop

Host :
Ted Davis (US)

Ted Davis (*1983) is an American media artist / designer / educator based in Basel, Switzerland, where he teaches interaction design and coordinates the UIC/HGK International Master of Design program within the Visual Communication Institute, The Basel School of Design HGK FHNW. His research and teaching activities include visual search for interfacing future image databases, the volatility of digital media through glitch and reactivating older ‘new media’ through newer programming means. His open source projects (basil.js, XYscope, P5LIVE) enable designers to program within Adobe InDesign, render vector graphics on vector displays, and collaboratively create live coded visuals. With international exhibits, lectures and workshops, he empowers students to take hold of the computer’s ability to design possibilities beyond that of the hand or mouse.

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The workshop program was produced in collaboration with CreativeApplications.Net