Recent Arts (feat. Barbie Williams)

Recent Arts is a duo formed by Chilean visual artist Valentina Berthelon and German musician Tobias Freund. Together they create unique audiovisual experiences where sound and image are mutually constitutive rather than merely coexisting. They use video projections and experimental sound to build live performances full of symbolism, stories and poetry, generating an instance not just to enjoy music but also to make deep reflections about the world and our position in it. They are always interested on exploring new ways of creating and communicating with the audiences.


“Skin” is an audiovisual concert created with video projections, experimental electronic music, lights and the live singing of Barbie Williams. The show is composed by several audiovisual pieces, made with recorded video sessions where performers and dancers embraced the body in the form of improvised movements based on the music of Recent Arts. These improvisations were altered through Valentina’s experiences, emotions and conceptual ideas to create a poetic story line. Throughout the show, the images of the moving bodies in tandem with haunting musical landscapes, will tell stories and generate tensions, inviting the audience to think about the limits and possibilities of their own bodies.

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