Projet Eva

The artwork: The Object of the Internet

The disorganization of the world by financial capitalism, uprooted and volatile, in part fostered the emergence of the Internet. This network has gradually become the matrix through which our communities and individualities have restructured their exchanges. The promise of a greater flow of ideas, increased freedom, and even new forms of citizenship, now comes up against the power of capital and the dislocated and entropic nature of such a technological arrangement.

The Object of the Internet is an installation by Projet EVA (Étienne Grenier et Simon Laroche), evoking the idea of a mausoleum conjuring the end of the Web. Through optical and kinetic processes integrated into a device in which the visitor inserts his/her head, the human face is broken down into a multitude of fragments. Visitors are projected into a dystopian future where, on social media, only the traces of our selfies, which are artificially animated, remain in the form of a reflection. The latter, is condemned to the status of a sterile solipsism and stirs in the intergalactic void of the end of the Internet.

The creation of The Object of the Internet was made possible thanks to the financial support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.

The artist

Projet EVA’s artworks explore relations established between humans, their environment and its mediation through technological systems. The collective focuses mainly on the subtractive effects of technology and media on human experience, as well as on how the virtual world is increasingly woven into the urban and social landscape as it encroaches on physical reality. Underneath the collective’s custom-made applications, robots and assorted machines an inquiry into how technology impacts the construction of our social and psychological realities as well as our living environment.